Koorsen Training Center

Who trains the experts? We do.

For many years, Koorsen Fire & Security has been a resource for authorities having jurisdiction—the professionals who enforce the life safety code within a state. Those authorities include fire marshals, insurance carriers, building inspectors, and the like.

Continuing education is a requirement for licensure of authorities having jurisdiction, and many of them come to Koorsen to earn those credits.

“The fact that we can hold these seminars and bring information to those who ensure life safety around the state is such an honor,” said Nashville Branch Manager Carlos Ayala. “We get great feedback about our trainers and about how well the events are organized. And we’re sending these authorities out—well informed and updated—to do their jobs, which are to help keep our customers safe. It’s a win all around.”

Koorsen recently completed continuing education seminars to authorities having jurisdiction in six of our markets. Certified trainers from Koorsen’s nationally acclaimed training center lead the daylong seminars in each market, covering NFPA code standards and changes regarding life-safety products like fire extinguishers, pre-engineered systems, emergency lighting, fire alarms, and sprinklers.

All seminars are designed and led by trainers from Koorsen’s training center. This training center was recently recognized by the NAFED association for being a top-in-class training facility and has recently become home to NAFED’s own training program, NAFED University.

Although the information in our seminars is tailored to authorities having jurisdiction, we invite customers to attend, as well. Those who manage medical facilities, universities, or other large facilities in particular benefit from keeping abreast of changes in the code and equipment.

“These seminars separate us from the competition,” said Executive Vice President Jeff Wyatt. “We’ve always been much more than a fire and security company. We do our best to serve our communities and our industry, and this is one of the ways that we feel we’re really making that happen.”


Koorsen Fire & Security was founded in 1946 and is a third-generation, family owned business. Over the years, Koorsen has become one of the largest and most respected fire and security companies in the United States with more than 25 locations and over 800 associates. Koorsen Fire & Security is well-known for having the best training in the industry, and is insured and certified to design, install, program, service and repair virtually all fire and security products for any size business. Contact us to schedule your free on-site hazard analysis.


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